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Pass Around The Smile

✨️You Are Magic flip book✨️

✨️You Are Magic flip book✨️

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The You Are Magic flip book is filled with 100 pages of original quotes, passages and prompts written by myself, (Cleo Massey).

For many years I have been posting my words on Instagram and the amount of saves and engagement I have received has blown me away. I did think to myself however, it's a shame that these are just online and are read, but then forgotten about right away! SO - I got to writing more and more and popped them all in this flip book which can be in your vision everyday!

You might choose to flip it in order, or choose random pages and take what you read as a sign or guidance for each day.  

Inside, you will find quotes about finding your truth, manifestation, living in alignment with who you are, self love, boundaries, managing expectations, releasing guilt, negativity and fear - and seriously, so much more! I hope you love it! 

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