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holy smoke

Potent & Spirited Holy Smoke Incense 4 pack

Potent & Spirited Holy Smoke Incense 4 pack

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Gratitude - Truth - Surrender - Simplicity

Recommended for those who appreciate their incense to have a more robust intensity.
Great for the spiritual warriors, the energetic yogis & yoginis and the passionate souls who are captivated by the intoxicating mysteries of life.

Holy Smoke Eco Incense is a conscious eco-friendly range of Incense with elevated subtle energies and appealing scents for uplifting, purifying and healing.

Designed with high quality plant based ingredients using traditional hand-made methods.

A safe incense that is free from all toxic substances and lovingly packaged in handmade recycled materials.

Ingredients include a blend of high quality activated charcoal, resin, herbs, essential oils, aromatic woods, honey and bamboo sticks.

***With this purchase you will receive 4 of our Incense blends, 1 packet each of Truth, Gratitude, Surrender and Simplicity.

Weight per packet - 20gm
Packet dimensions- 25cm x 5cm

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