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Nobody can save me (signed copy)
Nobody can save me (signed copy)
Nobody can save me (signed copy)

Matt Runnalls

Nobody can save me (signed copy)


Nobody Can Save Me

Nobody Can Save Me is the powerful new dialogue around mental health that we’ve been waiting for! It bridges theory with straight-talking, lived-experience and presents real insight and applied action for people struggling and those that care for them: parents, schoolteachers, coaches, bosses, mentors. Let’s get talking.

It’s not just a story about me.

It could be the story of you or the loud mouth kid next door, or the quiet guy on your team that you don’t know very well yet. It’s about what we all have in common: our human need to be seen, to be heard, to be loved and to be accepted for exactly who—we—are.

In this book you'll find -