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Ayja Love

Earth Goddess Bath Blend

Earth Goddess Bath Blend

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    Goddess Ritual Bath Blend ~ Earth ~ 

    Hand selected herbs and flowers. All ingredients obtain beneficial healing properties for the skin and muscles. 


    A Calling to Gaia & Dryads: Bathe yourself in the Sacred Goddess Bath Ritual of Earth. This elemental blend has a grounding and harmonising effect, connecting you with mother earth.


    Add a couple of spoonfuls of the Blend into your bath. Place the crystals in the bath and read aloud the goddess mantra.


    Chamomile flower, dandelion flower, burdock root, hops flower, vervain, magnesium, epsom salt, hemp seed oil

    Essential oils: Pine, Cedarwood, Chamomile

    Picture stone jasper / honey calcite crystals

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