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Crystals a little introduction to their powers


Crystals a little introduction to their powers


Joining the thriving cross-imprint mystical program at RP, this gorgeously illustrated primer on crystal meanings and uses, written by the best-selling author of Practical Magic Nikki Van De Car, is the perfect gift or self-purchase for the magic-curious consumer.

Discover the power of crystals, from the most common stones to performing sacred rituals, in this enchantingly illustrated mini guidebook.

Whether rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or amethyst, crystals are a beautiful and magical addition to your life! Learn the ins and outs of these mystical tools, including choosing and activating a crystal, basic properties of the stones, and how to create a crystal grid. Gain inspiration as you uncover the secrets to creating a crystal grid and learn to perform a crystal chakra ritual with this full-color, illustrated mini-book.