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Blue lily healing



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Uplift your spirit with a divine infusion of blue lily and orange, inspired by ancient magic.

A single spritz of Blue Lily Clarity Mist will dissolve tension, relieve anxiety and reconnect you with your divine essence. 

The cleansing vibration of Clarity Mist is felt from the root to the crown. It grounds our senses to the present moment where our perception of Mother Nature’s frequency can be heightened and more fully embodied. It activates the vibration of inner peace in our hearts and minds, allowing us to flow with deepened intuition throughout the day.


*All Blue Lily products are charged with positive sound vibrations.


Blue Lily Essential Oil (Nymphaea Caerulea), Organic Orange Hydrosol (Citrus Sinensis), Filtered Water

How to Use

Close your eyes & take a few deep breaths. Spray the mist over your face & body while imagining your energy field cleansing & purifying with a golden white light.

Enjoy the beautiful fragrance as your senses settle and the spirit soars.

For topical use only.
Store in a cool dry place.
Best before 12months.

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