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MUM candle

salt and rainbows

MUM candle


This candle is for all woman that have nurtured you, done the rings around the sun with you, nursed you, wiped your tears, hugged you, loved you, and would give their life for you. This may be your mum, your best friend, your aunty or sister. Mothering can come from so many people. The beautiful tumble stones in MUM are to assist trust, unconditional love and provide guidance. 

Amethyst is known to support emotional timeframes it helps you work through fear and shame, and wards off all negative energy from your life. It’s a great stone to work with when you need calmness and clarity.

The universal stone of love, Rose Quartz supports and opens your heart to promote unconditional love in all relationships including your relationship with yourself. This powerful crystal dispels negativity and brings in all the loving vibes encouraging forgiveness and acceptance. 

Rainbow Fluorite supports concentration and provides guidance. An extremely useful stone when you need answers, and truth.   

Let this incredible scent dance around your home on notes of fresh and creamy coconut with a zing of lime and lemon verbena soothed by velvety vanilla bean.