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Money Magnet Crystal Kit

Crystal Labs

Money Magnet Crystal Kit


To amplify the money magnet within you use this crystal kit to boost the flow of abundance in your life

Includes 200 grams of mixed tumble stone crystals 

Tigers eye - the energy of this ‘wealth stone’ increases your motivation to achieve success. It encourages you to focus on where you can grow + progress.

Pyrite - is a stone that protects you from negative thoughts + self-limiting beliefs, reminding you that you are worthy of unlimited abundance.

Citrine - puts a stop to any negative money mind chatter. This happy stone will help you to find the light in any dark situation. As a stone of manifestation, citrine can guide you to achieve your intentions through the energies of persistence + passion.



Crystals aren’t made to rattle around in your pocket... Put them to use. Here are some creative ways to get started!

Crystal grid

Use these stones together with a crystal grid to boost + manifest

H2glo crystal drink bottles 

With these stones to amplify good fortune.


Use in meditation to move through any negative money mind chatter.


Carry or wear your crystals close to your body to attract wealth.


Soak citrine in a   bathtub while journalling goals. Use with your goddess crystal face massager


Or office or work space to increase your motivation to achieve success.