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Crystal sand bath soak
Crystal sand bath soak
Crystal sand bath soak
Crystal sand bath soak


Crystal sand bath soak



It’s time to awaken your inner Goddess!

Natural bath soak, with REAL crushed crystal sand. Each soak, infused with crystal sand, essential oils & Dead Sea salt. Finished with natural illuminating shimmer. To leave you literally GLOWING! Each jar comes with a large palm stone to add to each bath!

Sleep - infused with Amethyst crystal sand. To help promote restful sleep, calm the body & mind. With natural essential oils of lavender & ylangylang. Finished with a large amethyst palm stone!

Clarity - infused with clear quartz crystal sand. To help bring balance & clarity. Use when feel stressed & needing some grounding. With natural cedar wood & cinnamon essential oils. Finished with a large clear quartz palm stone!

Peace - infused with Rose quartz crystal sand. Designed for when you need self love, self care & peace! Blended with rose & geranium essential oils. Finished with a large rose quartz palm stone!

200grams - Three baths Directions - simply add two tea spoons to warm bath water.

Use your Hand to swirl through the bath water & watch the magic shimmer through the waters!

Ingredients - Dead Sea salt, bicarbonate Soda, natural essential oils, natural micca shimmer powder. Crushed crystal sand. Fine Sea salt.