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Crystal Grid Kit to Manifest & take charge
Crystal Grid Kit to Manifest & take charge
Crystal Grid Kit to Manifest & take charge

Crystal Lab

Crystal Grid Kit to Manifest & take charge


Crystal lab’s Crystal Grid is designed to arrange the enclosed crystals in a specific geometric shape that focuses the universal energy in alignment with the moon phases to promote abundance.

They are a powerful tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals + intentions.

The power of your Crystal Grid comes from the union of energies created from setting your intention with your healing stones under the full moon.


Palo santo - cleanse your space to remove any bad juju

Tigers eye - is known as the stone of good luck + good fortune

Pyrite -  may boost confidence + lead you into your power

Citrine - can promote inspiration + abundance

Generator - thought to be a powerful conductor of energy, it is used to charge your grid to manifest abundance

* Choose your purpose + experiment with our interchangeable crystal kits


Mantra i am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.

When full moon

Why to take action, amplify +  move forward

How the ritual

Step 1 light your palo santo. Allow the stick to burn for at least 30 seconds then blow it out.

Step 2 once you have a nice smoke going, wave your hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body + your crystal grid.

Step 3 allow your energy to shift, feeling gratitude in your heart for the abundance of gifts you’re about to receive.

Step 4 leave your palo santo to burn on a heat proof dish while you complete your ritual.

Step 5 sit in a comfortable position in your cleansed space.

Step 6 hold the clear quartz geo gem generator in your left hand + your crystals in your right hand. Tune into your hearts desires.